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Relief, Pacifica Literary Review, January 2018

Apocalypse Greens, The Good Men Project, October 2017

That Winter, Seattle Poetic Grid, August 2017

Of Two Minds, Gramma, July 2017

My Neighborhood , South Seattle Emerald, February 2017

The Grays, City Arts Magazine, October 2016

To the NIMBY With Whom I Shared Garlic Prawns, Seattlish, August 2016

Triumph, Seattle Review of Books, April 2016

What's Your Name and Kindness, Muse / A Journal, March 2016

The Body Want to Feel Inspired, Tahoma Literary Review, March 2016

At the Allegro, The Monarch Review, November

When My Parents Were Hippopotamuses, Pacifica Literary Review, October 2015

Near Boats, City Arts, August 2015

Brown Man, White Man, Italian, Jew, Philadelphia Review of Books blog, May 2015

Succession, The Good Men Project, October 2014

I Was Awakened by a Flow, Everyday Genius, September 2014

A History of Violence, The Good Men Project, July 2014

I Am Not an Artist, Gesture, June 2014

Another Way of Saying Fear, The Monarch Review, June 2014

I Have Been Convinced of Something Here, Gesture, October 2013

Hummock of Ore Derves, Everyday Genius, September 2013