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Poems Create a Space of Timelessness: A Conversation with Jericho Brown, Poetry Northwest, November 2017

Path With Art Uses Creative Expression to Elevate the Vulnerable, South Seattle Emerald, October 2017

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Review of Hardly War by Don Mee Choi, City Arts Magazine, April 2016

Maggie Nelson's Provocations, City Arts Magazine, January 2016

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13 Things I Learned Cooking for a Tech Company, Seattle Weekly,
September 2015

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Inequality, Solidarity, and Why Labor Still Matters in America, The Utopianist, June 2011

A Portland Couple Goes Organic Farming, The Oregonian, January 2011

Heart Healthy, The Rumpus, January 2011

Review: The Wilding, by Benjamin Percy, The Collagist, November 2010

Review: Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker, by James McManus, The Brooklyn Rail, March 2010

Review: Misadventure, by Millard Kaufman, Rain Taxi Review of Books, Winter 2010

Review: The Tyranny of E-mail, by John Freeman, The Brooklyn Rail, December 2009-January 2010

Call Me Naïve: A Love Letter, The Brooklyn Rail, October 2008

Bill Simmons and the New Sports Journalism, Pop Matters, October 2007

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